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ፌስ ብክ
Coming Events!
▪ 6th Aug-ምህልላ ፍልሰታ ይጅምር
▪ 22nd Aug-ቅዳሴ ዘፍልሰታ ማርያም ዓርቢ ምሸት
Retreat 2014
መድኃኔ ዓለም ካቶሊካዊት ቤተ ክርስቲያን ሥርዓት ግዕዝ - ለንደን
Holy Redeemer Eritrean Catholic Gheez-Rite Chaplaincy
St. Aidan of Lindisfarne RC Church
85 Old Oak Common Lane
London, W3 7DD
Last Updated: 04 August 2014

* Please Join us everyday from 6:00pm starting Wed 6th Aug untill 22nd Aug at East Acton church.
For those unable to join, click below for Audio (Win OS only) and Mehlela ZeFilseta readings.....


* +++ Rest in peace +++


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* 1st Holy Communion of 12 children at our chucrh on 15 June 2014

Click here for ሓዋርያዊ መልእኽቲ ካቶሊካውያን ጳጳሳት ኤርትራ-2014


2013 Subae (Annual Retreat, London)
* DVDs on sale now click here
           Subae (Annual Conference) 2013: Day 1                                       Subae (Annual Conference) 2013: Day 2
           Subae (Annual Conference) 2013: Day 3                                       Subae (Annual Conference) 2013: Day 3