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- Dagmawi Tensaie Kidasie 19th Apr @1PM
መድኃኔ ዓለም ካቶሊካዊት ቤተ ክርስቲያን ሥርዓት ግዕዝ - ለንደን
Holy Redeemer Eritrean Catholic Gheez-Rite Chaplaincy
St. Aidan of Lindisfarne RC Church
85 Old Oak Common Lane
London, W3 7DD
What's New! 
- Fasika Ester Videos click here
- Feast of Medhanealem 2015 is here 
- DVDs on sale: Subae 2014 click here
- New Lent teachings by Abba Ephrem Part 19 to Part 33, click here
Last Updated: 01 May 2015

* Call for Prayers:
For PDF click here

* Easter ፋሲካ 2015 videos ........ Click here
Abune Mengisteab Tesfamariam's Easter message ..... Click here New
* Good Friday Zema (Arbi Seklet) Part 1 to 7 ..... Click here  New
* Holy Thursday Sebket by Abba Ephrem Andom...... Click here  New

Easter ፋሲካ 2015 - Playlist, more videos to be uploaded

Feast of Medhanealem 2015 - Playlist, 4 videos - Part 1 to 4

Subae 2014 DVDs on sale... Over 5hrs teachings and over 50 video songs (Total over 9hrs)

Feb 8th Day Of Prayer To END Human Trafficking New


* Erection of the Eritrean Metropolitan Church sui iuris and the appointment of the first Metropolitan in Asmara, CLICK HERE

Candles blessed by Abba Ephrem to go round homes of our members (ትዘውር ሽምዓ)... Please click here to read details

* Five part video clips of our Gheez Christmas



* ኣዳም ኣበይ ኣሎኻ  by Abba Yonas Yohanes 1st Jan 2015, London. 'Thursday Prayer Group New Year Holy Mass'. Click here for Audio 

* Homily ስብከት ዘኖላዊ - Abba Yonas 4th Jan 2015, London. Click here for Audio

* Christmas (ልደት) message from Abbune Mengisteab  [7 Jan 2015] click here for 2 PDF

* “ሕደጉ ኪሕደገልኩም ከኣ እዩ", message from Abba Musie TesfaYohannes 22 Dec here for PDF

Me'alti Mesgana by Mezemeran Medhane Alem (Choir) ማሕበር መዘምራን መድኃኔ ዓለም 7 Dec 2014

+++ Mezemeran Medhane Alem London at Holy Redeemer Eritrean Catholic Gheez-Rite Chaplaincy had a Holy Mass of thanksgiving (Me’lti Mesgana), followed by a meeting and reception on Sunday 7th Dec 2014. Main discussion point and testimony was on Holy Matrimony and Marriage. For photos click here. We thank God for His abundant grace and blessings, especially in 2014, as we had 6 Marriages just from the Mezmeran groups. 5 couples have already got engaged and we keep them in our prayers so God will guide them to receive the full sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

*Highlights of our 2014 Subae (Annual Retreat)




Yearly Prayer Retreat
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